Cutting Manual Checks

Manual checks will be processed for the following reasons:

  • The employee’s employment has been terminated (voluntarily or involuntarily) and state law requires a manual check be issued at time of termination.
  • An error was made, i.e., missing hours, tips, pay rate, etc. and needs to be corrected.


To cut a manual check, please complete the following steps:

  1. Confirm you have checks onsite

  2. Contact the payroll department by sending an email to (before informing the employee they will be issued a manual check.)

  3. Fill out the Manual Check Form (Provide the reason, employee name, position, work period, date it needs to be issued.)

    Payroll will calculate the net amount for you to ensure accuracy

  4. Email a copy of the manual check along with the Manual Check Form back to the payroll department within 48 hours so it can properly record it in the employee’s payroll records.

    Payroll will respond to the request within 24 hours. Payroll monitors emails to on Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 9am to Noon. Emails submitted after Noon, will be processed the following day.Payroll will include the manual check on the next pay cycle to accurately account for taxes.

  5. Upload the Manual Check form to the employee’s profile and add additional notes if needed.

It is the expectation the GM will NOT issue a manual check without consulting with payroll.
If the manual check is being issued due to a termination, a PAF termination form must be sent to payroll with the Manual Check form.

If a manual check is issued without consulting payroll, the GM will receive a coaching/counseling document and be re-educated on the expectations.

If you have an extenuating situation as to why this process cannot be followed, please contact the VP of Human Resources or the CFO to discuss.

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